Trips & Tips

I was wondering… This is a travel blog inspired, in the first place, by my stay for a year in Rio, I know… But I’ve been to other places I would like to… Continue reading

saying goodbye

Yes, saying good bye is the most difficult part. I know I’ll be back in one year, I mean it’s not forever. But is it too long? I’m affraid, of course I am,… Continue reading

Forever inlove

Without any favor, RADIOHEAD are the most complete and consistent band of the last years. With musics and musicians of a higher level, you couldnĀ“t ask for more. From the super nice atitude… Continue reading

Visa. Check!

And today I picked up that one little paper that will allow me to stay in Rio until next August! I can say that it works beautifully at the Consulate! Never had to… Continue reading

Day one. Let’s start this

I wanted to have a blog. I did not know exactly why, I mean I knew. Skip to Rio de Janeiro was a good reason – for me a necessary and sufficient –… Continue reading