Paul and Art

    Nice week everyone. One of my favourite songs ever. So simple and beautiful. Enjoy Advertisements

This is not menswear

Menswear? why call it that? Just because us women are supposed to wear tight dresses and high heels and cleavages all the time? I don’t think so. That´s why I truly love menswear… Continue reading

Noon in Paris

Paris. Every corner of this city is beautiful. Every detail counts. Our story with Paris was kind of surreal. ok just one part of the story… and that was: my friend having a… Continue reading

Wir lieben Berlin

Thanks to google translate I can make my little (and expected I know..) tribute to the city of Berlin. I can proudly say Berlin changed my life! (it’s a bit insane that I… Continue reading


I am preparing more articles about travels! Berlin and Paris are next! Stay tunned…

To the Beach! Beach! Beach

Just found this amazing work from the photographer Gray Malin, wich includes photos from beaches all over the world (and Portugal is there!!!) An amazing and fresh new perspective on a place everybody… Continue reading

my love for PJ

I’ve decided to make my first post about fashion, about pyjamas. I don’t know why but there’s a certain magic about them…When you sleep with something pretty on, it always makes you wake… Continue reading


We went to New York for new years 2010/2011. And I couldn’t ask more from the Big Apple. I mean, there are certain things that only happen in NY right?? first of all:… Continue reading

Trips & Tips

After great Santorini we went to Rhodes! The place were one of the Seven Wonders of the Acient World was born, Colossus of Rhodes. You have all kind of references to it of… Continue reading

It’s all about doors

Inspiration.Greek old doors.