Traveling for like an hour to see the outstanding museum from Oscar Niemeyer is worth it, even if it’s only for the beauty of the whole scenery. It’s (almost) everything you had imagine… Continue reading

São Paulo

Going to THE Megalopolis tomorrow! (and will not take my computer with me, so mini break from blogs, facebooks, gmails and stuff) Hopefully will return with lots of photos of some great places.… Continue reading


No, I’m not writing about living in the countryside with all your animals and food cultures like these guys here (about who I’ll be definitely writing someday). This Farm is a Carioca (by now I… Continue reading

Bourbon Street Festival Rio

Yesterday  we went to a really nice Jazz Festival. I mean, we are used to this kind of events in Lisbon, great weather always pulls out for a little walk or stay outside.… Continue reading

Akos Major

Still organizing everything in Rio. and still not (yet I hope) sure about taking my big camera out in the streets, so for now I only have bad quality photos… SO please enjoy… Continue reading

In Rio

First photo from the wonderful city. From my friend’s camera. 

from Portugal

Decided to share this amazing iniciative spotted in Águeda, Portugal. What a way to leave home and start your day…Really inspiring (and in sunny hot days, gives you a nice shadow to refresh,… Continue reading

The Bicycle

You are probably wondering what the hell this title means…(or not, and are one of those people who accepts blog titles without questioning much, or really don’t care) either way, I’m gonna tell… Continue reading

final countdown

It’s coming. I leave tomorrow. So nervous.

Canonet 28

I’m putting an old canonet 28 from my mother, to work. I’m not an expert on this analogic matter, but hoping this might turn out interesting. I just started the film, and will… Continue reading