Pedra Bonita

Yesterday we went to a trail that led us to Pedra Bonita (Beautiful Rock). I must say it was no easy for me, I felt like my lungs were the size of a… Continue reading

ArtRio #2 – Atmosphere


ArtRio #1 – Highlights

Finally! Rio is starting to catch up with São Paulo and offering an ever growing options to see Contemporary and Modern Art. This really makes me happy, cause when I choose to come… Continue reading

Parque Lage

Long time no see, I know. As we get more and more into Rio’s lifestyle we stop having enough time to stay at home (and write on our blogs). Thank god actually. Parque… Continue reading


Rio de Janeiro and its canonet 28

Dear Marcus, Country, Ben and Ted

You inspire me everyday.     I actually know Mumford and Sons for a long time, but they seem to be making more and more sense as time passes. Maybe because after seeing… Continue reading

Roda de Samba

Here Samba was born they say. I guess it’s fair to say that. In the foot of Conceição’s hill there’s a party every monday, wednesday and friday, a party to honour Samba. It’s… Continue reading

Paquetá Island

Paquetá is an island in Rio de Janeiro’s (very much polluted) bay. This island lives by a contradition bigger than you can imagine. It has no cars (you ride chariots pulled by horses,… Continue reading

Boom Festival

Check out here the interesting photography work from a Portuguese Newspapper, Público, about Boom Festival.