hello there, 2014

No.. really, now I can say truly: long time no see!

But now I want to start this thing again, although I’m a little (not to say pretty much) rusty in these matters… As well as now deeply immersed in the Instagram universe, where you do not have to write anymore. Well, who can blame fast and instantaneous sharing of ”inspiring” ”details” of ”our life”? I can’t…

In this second half of the first month of 2014, the year where hopefully I’m really going to change my life, or at least some aspects of it, I will start writing again, why? just for my own sake! It is ridiculous how you read something you wrote not that long time ago, and you see someone who you actually don’t know anymore… What happened? Sh** got really serious when I realized it. I was so happy, full of opinions and beliefs! Who was that girl writing about her experiences, travels and tastes? Wow, definitely not me right now. Did this ever happen to you? So this pretty much answers the why question. The what will come later.

So, I’m looking at the renaissance of this blog as a therapy, as it is for me one of my favorite blogs of all times, my morning treat, called BLDG 25 Blog. It is kind of weird as it is a blog from a clothing brand, FreePeople, but no!!! those girls are so grounded, inspiring and friendly, they can make you feel effectively good at a distance. Their words truly give meaning to life. They teach you how to live a more natural lifestyle, more calm and appreciative way of life. Starting with one thing (that I hope to incorporate in my life again and ASAP) which is the amazing effects of yoga.

I tried yoga while living in Rio. And it was one of the best experiences of my life… and I’m so silly for not having continued, even though I’m definitely not stoping my search for a place to practice. Proceeding, were those girls from BLDG 25 Blog that pushed me to give it a try. And thank god, whoever he os she is, for the chance I gave to yoga. It literally changed my life, and I owe it to that blog, now my daily reading! They also teach something really importante, which is to be grateful, and today, to celebrate my new journey, I want to thank those girls, Julia, Brigette, Jana, Amy and their contributors! Thank you! (actually I have a lot of people to thank to, but I’ll make those acknowledgments during this journey)

SO, this first post is about recovering something that was really important to me, a thank you to the (free)people who inspired me to go in the first place, and most important, a departure point for a new way of living.

Harmony, Peace and lots of love is what we all need.