Antony Gormley – The architect sculptor

Few days ago I went to Antony Gormley’s last day exhibition ”STILL BEING, [CORPOS PRESENTES]” in Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Rio (CCBB). I must say, despite the environmental conditions (a lot of people, and some crappy exhibition rooms and circulation spaces) the exhibition itself was quite amazing. Antony Gormley is a well known british artist, known for his space related pieces, which means that me, as an architecture student, can relate a lot with what he creates. He also explores a lot the concept of energy and mass, and the tension between body and space (that’s why he is kind of an architect sculptor), dealing with the question of materialization and dematerialization of the mass.

The feeling of the presence is what lies behind this exhibition,

It was only allowed to take pictures from the main entrance piece,  ” Critical Mass”. I will show you some of his work here, not directly from de exhibition.


Still Being, CCBB Rio de Janeiro

Here are some of his amazing work,