Pedra Bonita

Yesterday we went to a trail that led us to Pedra Bonita (Beautiful Rock). I must say it was no easy for me, I felt like my lungs were the size of a pea, but I did it, and it was more than worth the bumpy ride.

The view was amazing, really liberating. We could see Ipanema beach, Rocinha (the favela) and all the way till Praia da Barra (in Barra da Tijuca). We climb over 1200 meters till the top by foot, of course!

Next Sunday we might go to that other rock you see across the view, the gorilla-faced one, called Pedra da Gávea, its a 3 hour ride till the top, I’m still deciding whether or not to go, we’ll see…

Enjoy the view



did you notice the rock-faced gorilla? : )