Traveling for like an hour to see the outstanding museum from Oscar Niemeyer is worth it, even if it’s only for the beauty of the whole scenery. It’s (almost) everything you had imagine (a little smaller maybe) but the frameworks the architect had the trouble to imagine are amazing. On one side you have Niteroi with a beach, that looks a lot like Ipanema, framed by the main acess ramp, on the other side you have Pão de Açucar and the Rio’s center framed by the building itself. All the amazing Rio’s hills framed carefully, with a buliding that stands off the ground and allows you to enjoy a genuine scenery.

Now the interior, well…Not much to say actually…More amazing frameworks through the windows, due to its spectacular location once more, but the museum collection falls a little to short in my opinion. It’s nice to take a stroll inside the museum, it has that promenade feeling, but none of the exhibitions caught my atention. Despite this, there’s a Bistro where there must be nice to have lunch, not for my pocket though…

This building is definitely a mark in Niteroi’s landscape, and clearly a mark in architecture history, but in my opinion it is a little disapointing (mostly because of its collection and exhibitions).


the last two photos are from my friend’s camera.