The Bicycle

You are probably wondering what the hell this title means…(or not, and are one of those people who accepts blog titles without questioning much, or really don’t care) either way, I’m gonna tell you the story.

When I decided to make this blog I definitely struggled with the title, because this was a Rio de Janeiro inspired blog in the first place (since I’m going to spend a year there and thought people would DEFINITELY want to know about it,) well moving on with the story…After thinking the blog’s name could be inspired in my inspiration (Rio) I thought this could be a wider experience, and share not only my life in Rio, but also everything that inspires me, and aspects in my life (and now my new life) worthy of interest. Or not.

And then I realized my hometown, Lisbon, a big (and interesting I can assure you) aspect of my life actually, was one of the things that inspired me the most, and one of the things I will miss the most. So, point number one: this blog is my tribute to this great city.

Point number two: this is a journey report! a life journey maybe…A bicycle journey, why not? (and by the way, Bombay Bicycle Club are one of my favorite bands right now, so why not honor them as well? )

Finally: I want this to be a club where people who share interests (or not!!!) can meet and talk and discuss and be inspired, and so on…

That’s it. Hope this makes sense to you guys. And makes you want to visit Lisbon, ride a bike, and listen to Bombay Bicycle Club. (and visit with my blog as well of course)


photos from Creme Cycles