Noon in Paris

Paris. Every corner of this city is beautiful. Every detail counts. Our story with Paris was kind of surreal. ok just one part of the story… and that was: my friend having a friend that had a house in Paris. Wait. A house not for rent. A house to loan, without giving anything back. And not a crapy house, not at all, I’m just talking about a ”little” villa just 10 min away from the Eiffel Tower (by subway) WHAT? I was amazed in the first place, just to find out the house belongs this family (my friend’s friend family) that does this, just because. It looked like a movie, and has I’m remebering every detail of the house, and the neighbourhood, I’m getting more and more happy. It’s like I told you, every detail of Paris counts.

That’s why I had so much trouble choosing the photos! I think I’ll put some now, a later will make another photo post about Paris.