Wir lieben Berlin

Thanks to google translate I can make my little (and expected I know..) tribute to the city of Berlin.

I can proudly say Berlin changed my life! (it’s a bit insane that I had to go to Berlin to change my life, insane and a bit expensive too…)but it did. Despite being an amazing city, for its history, diversity of places to see, for its mood I guess. Yes Berlin has a mood! It’s kind of amazing how welcome you feel even though nobody speaks fluent english, and are not that nice. (how is this even possible?) I mean, a welcoming feeling comes mostly from the pepole… But here no. It comes by far from the city itself. (Maybe I’m wrong and berliners are really nice people, I’m sure this can be the case, but not my case.)

Continuing. Berlin has nice things everywhere. Nice (really nice) architecture some of it with also great contents inside, like Mies pavillion and David Chipperfield’s Neues Museum, nice monuments with lots of background from WW II (still, I think german people try a lot to clear some of those memories), VERY NICE acessibilities, you could easily ride a bike everywhere and still had nice subway connections. And then everywhere you go you can find something with a story behind it, interesting stories of course (check point charlie, berlin wall, Reichstag, Tiergarten, Brandenburg Gate, Unter den linden, East Berlin vs West Berlin and.so.on.) I guess only someone who went there can understand this. Of course a capital city of one of the most rich countries in the world has a lot to see, but there is definitely something about Berlin…

These pictures are mainly of architecture. One of the great atractions Berlin has.

Brandenburg Gate

Neues Museum

Interbau (didn’t mind living here…)

Always inspiring Bauhaus

Northern feeling


Frank Ghery