my love for PJ

I’ve decided to make my first post about fashion, about pyjamas. I don’t know why but there’s a certain magic about them…When you sleep with something pretty on, it always makes you wake up in a better mood. In a way, even if you wake up with one of those faces, it makes you feel pretty and somehow fresh (yes fresh!) in the morning. It’s like a nice underwear, even if nobody knows about or sees it, you feel good.

And they are so nice some times, you just wanna bring them outside!! I’m a fan of stylish, baggy and confy clothes. (and love when you can’t really figure out if a garment is a pyjama or outwear!)

Pijamas from H&M and WS


I’m also a fan of Alba Galocha‘s style. She has that really easy-going-very-confortable-looking-boyish vibe in her looks. And here she’s showing us how to where pyjamas on the street!


And here some of streetstyle moslty about pyjama pants!! I have to buy one of those pants for me soon…