We went to New York for new years 2010/2011. And I couldn’t ask more from the Big Apple. I mean, there are certain things that only happen in NY right??

first of all: renting an awsome apartment on an awsome neighbourhood, Lower East Side, for an awsome price. We only had to take care of an old lady’s cat! I mean the apartment was really nice, really small, but really nice.

second of all: we had a friend there, that showed us all the awsome places, I mean ALL! ¬†Mainstream, Underground, Inside, Outside, you name it, if it’s worth it, he showed us.

third of all: I’ve never felt so safe in a big city. Never. And I never thought (i’m sorry but it’s true) that newyorkers were so kind as a people! Never in my whole life.

fourth (but not least) of all: we caught the Most Heavy Snow Storm of the decade in NY. Oh Lord! You can’t imagine… I’m always saying this to people: It felt exactly like the movie The Day After Tomorrow. Snow until your knees, NO cabs and NO ONE on the street, it felt like a ghost city. I swear! (i have no photos from that moment, because we were too busy trying to survive…)

Most of the picutres were taken by my boyfriend, and are all in B&W. It makes a lot of sense don’t you think?

Needs no intruduction

details that draw attention

Me in the (huuge amount of) snow at Central Park

Central Park

SANAA’s new museum, at lower east side


It’s Christmas

RIOT!! kidding, not at all. They were trying to help the NYPD car get of the snow. Nice people New Yorkers : )

The tree spot!

Just genious, pure genious.

Snow…..If you know what I mean…