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I was wondering… This is a travel blog inspired, in the first place, by my stay for a year in Rio, I know… But I’ve been to other places I would like to share…So why not share them with you as well? Silly me for not thinking about this earlier.

Summer of 2011 we went to Greece! When it was still ‘safe’ to go there, despite almost being caught on a serious strike from air traffic controllers!! Thank god they’ve cancelled it in time!

We landed in Crete and then travelled our way to Athens to catch the plane back, with lots os stops on the beautiful Greek Islands.

We travelled by boat between the islands, and altough it took much more time, it was totally worth it. Imagine waking up (after sleeping on the floor among the seats), going outside and see the most beautiful sunrise, with the HIGHEST temperature you’ve ever felt in a morning and in the middle of the Mediterrenean Sea (it was actually those kind of situations where you are a bit cold indoors, due to the air conditioning, and go for a warm up outside). Seating there and enjoying the view. WOW

Crete, you have too sides of a story. The turistic-resort-all-included one and the non turistic-lets-go-for-a-little-adventure. We obviously are the kind that is always in the mood for an adventure. The kind of adventures where you pick up a car at the airport (without have booking any hotel) and go. We’ve choose Lonley Planet’s guide, and it was not bad at all, I recommend it! So the places we’ve visited in Crete were not so much turist points. The beauty of those places relies precisely in its authenticity and easy, simple and with no big luxury acomodations. (and HARD roads and crazy drivers)

First stop Plakias.

The view form the beach, at sunset

The place where we stayed

After spending 3 days in Plakias, we went to Crete’s capital, Rethimno, and stayed there for just one night to catch a boat to Santorini the next day. Well… After being in kind of a paradise, arriving to Rethimno can be a little disapointing to say the least. One of the good things that I remeber was a street, like a market, that had a nice vibe to it, with some interesting restaurants and stores. Nothing more to report.

Finally we’ve made our way to the place where all the expectations are! Santorini! Yes it corresponds to them, but much more turistic than I thought. But awsome anyway!