Trips & Tips

After great Santorini we went to Rhodes! The place were one of the Seven Wonders of the Acient World was born, Colossus of Rhodes. You have all kind of references to it of course, and it’s kind of nice to look at the place where it was, and imagine that big man with his legs open to let the boats cross. It is a nice historic place to visit. We stayed at a kind of like a man’s house…It was a business of course, but it had that crazy first impression of  ”what the hell was I thinking”! But then it was ok, he prepared us breakfast (a sandwich with milk and coffe) and the room was acceptable (if you’re not picky).


Narrow streets of the historic center (our room was behind the photographer!)

Amazing details of stores

Handmade they said…

This was cute : )

Let me now tell you about the highlight of this trip: Symi. Symi is a little island near Rhodes. It’s little but not small!!  It has that kind of Italian feeling of a fancy port, with lots of amazingly big sailboats and little and colourful houses along the slope. Once again, with the help of Lonely Planet, we managed to find a really good place to stay. It was a house, but we only rented the room with a bathroom, to a really nice young woman (who actually took the trouble to send us a shirt we had forgotten at the apartment). Symi was our last stop before Athens. And it was great!


First impressions, arriving by boat

The beaches we’ve reached only by boat

Yes, there were goats at the beach…

Arriving to Athens, arriving to caos.

Athens is less than what you expect I guess. You have great places too, but in a way, as we always hear about the great Greek Civilization, it’s a bit disapointing. In a few words: it’s too much of a big city for its treasures. But they can get away with it, I’m sure. But don’t get me wrong, Athens has really nice places, good terraces and places to eat, it’s nice to take a stroll through the city. And once again Lonely Planet helped us find those nice spots!


Flea Markets

The Poet Sandal Maker of Athens (who actually made lots of sandals for John Lennon, and I bought a pair myself!)

Not Parthenon (for those of you more distracted) but a beautiful monument on city park

Back to Lisbon. It was great!